Best Product, Best People, Best Price™

LCI was founded upon the principle of providing the best product and the best people at the best price.

CEO Michael O. Lyles

Led by CEO Michael “Mike” O. Lyles, LCI partnered with our very first customer-the United States Air Force (USAF) High Frequency Global Communications System (HFGCS) Program Office – to continue the path to centralization and cost-savings Mike began during his 21-year career in the USAF.

Under Mike’s leadership, LCI developed and led the USAF’s High Frequency (HF) Systems Capable of Planned Expansion (SCOPE) Command “Lights Out” capability, which provides remotely controlled operation of a worldwide command and control network from a Centralized Network Control Station – an innovative approach that took operations centralization from a concept to a demonstrated and implemented reality, saving millions of dollars. The Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans and Programs recognized these accomplishments by naming the “Lights Out” Modification Team as one of seven winners to receive the 2001 Air Force Productivity Excellence Award.

Outstanding Performance & Cost Savings

Word traveled quickly about LCI’s performance and cost-savings, and we were soon winning new contracts and receiving awards and recognition for our work on existing contracts.

Our original focus was simple but powerful, and it remains our focus today.

It has become the LCI Standard of Excellence, and can be summed up in the following bullets:

  • Respect and understand our customers’ mission
  • Establish a partnership with our customers
  • Understand and meet our customers’ requirements and needs
  • Provide Quality, Timely, Efficient, and Courteous Service and Support
  • Always look for methods to innovate and improve on the way we do our jobs

Because we consider it such a critical element to performance, LCI goes to great lengths to fully grasp and embrace our customers’ missions.

Hiring the Best

We do this by staffing qualified personnel with the perfect combination of technical skill, customer focus, and commitment to teamwork; taking time to read not only the contract requirements document, but also all the regulations, standards, and guidelines to which our services must comply; and ensuring our project team members understand the organization, the goals, the processes, and the role we perform in the accomplishment of that mission.

We establish a partnership with our customers by communicating openly and honestly, conducting ourselves with integrity and professionalism at all times, and truly listening to our customers’ plans, goals, constraints, and realities.

Providing Solutions

At LCI, we don’t raise issues, we provide solutions, and, to that end, we proactively anticipate our customers’ needs and identify and mitigate risks. We believe in building strong work relationships and an all-for-one environment that allows everyone to celebrate success and solve problems together.

The job of every LCI project team member on every contract is to meet the requirements and needs of our customers, and to continuously look for ways to innovate and improve upon the work we do. From the first day on the job, LCI professionals have the tools, information, and support they need to meet requirements and provide superior Quality and Customer Service.

Customer-focused Corporate Culture

Our LCI corporate culture reflects our strong customer focus, our devotion to teamwork, our integrity, and our professionalism.

We take care of our customers, our teammates, and our personnel – we believe it is our job to prepare each individual and every team for success. We hire the right people, provide comprehensive training, and have a well-defined infrastructure in place – an infrastructure designed to support our customers, project teams, and managers.

From the first day of the contract to the last, LCI provides consistent, customer-focused support to meet the needs and requirements of our very valued customers.