LCI leverages the full strength of our mature management structure and our deep bench of seasoned professionals to provide superior, world-wide service to government agencies. Our online recruiting and personnel support systems allow us to hire and place personnel anywhere in the world. LCI has the expertise and infrastructure needed to provide the service and support you need. We offer a wide range of IT, Business, and Financial Support services, and have an outstanding record of past performance to meet even the most complex and time-critical requirements.

LCI services include:

Advisory and Assistance Support (A&AS) Services

LCI provides a wide range of A&AS services to USAF and other DoD agency programs. 

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Agile, DevOps, and DevSecOps Experience

LCI has been providing Agile software solutions for over a decade to federal civilian and department of defense agencies. 

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Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems

LCI provides a variety of Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATCALS), Navigation Aids (NAVAIDS) and Meteorological Systems.

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Base Telecommunications System (BTS) Support

LCI brings proven experience providing BTS support to military installations.

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Engineering Support

LCI brings the high level of engineering and technical expertise needed to make ideas deployable, operational products and systems.

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Equipment/Asset Management/Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) Management

LCI has extensive experience in DoD equipment management.

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Financial Management@72x-100

Financial Management and Support

In support of the FAA, LCI has experience supporting the Oracle Federal Financial System (Delphi), including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, financial statements of reporting, and travel voucher processing modules. 

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Customer Service@72x-100

Help Desk Services/Customer Service

Whether you require billing support, work request centralization, or IT support, LCI offers customer-friendly, efficient, responsive user support.

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Information System Security@72x-100

Information System Security/Information Assurance

LCI has an extensive, successful history of fully implementing and supporting Information Assurance and Information System security programs. 

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Infrastructure Support

LCI can provide qualified personnel to support your telecommunications and network infrastructure requirements.

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IT Business Process@72x-100

IT Business Process Re-Engineering

LCI brings a methodical, proven process for integrating and automating an organization’s IT processes. 

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Logistics Management@72x-100

Logistics Management and Support

LCI understands the complexities and intricacies of logistics management in support of large Government programs. 

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Mail Services@72x-100

Mail Services/Information Management

LCI has experience operating mailrooms and providing information management services in support of DoD agencies.

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Network Operations@72x-100

Network Operations/Network Administration

LCI offers a responsive, customer-focused team of IT professionals to meet all our network/computer operations needs.  

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Printing Plant Operations@72x-100

Printing Plant Operations

LCI operates high-speed copier/duplicating equipment and creates and packages a wide range of professional publications.

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Program Management@72x-100

Program Management, Planning, and Support

LCI offers a proven, successful program management methodology that meets performance requirements time and time again.

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LCI has a highly cost-efficient Purchasing Department that maintains relationships with well established, reputable vendors throughout the United States.

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Software Engineering@72x-100

Software Engineering/Software Development/Computer Programming

LCI has the software engineering skills you need to develop or perform maintenance to support your software products and projects.

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Telecommunications Management@72x-100

Telecommunications Management/Support

LCI has considerable experience in the development of telecommunication network and system transition plans.

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