Telecommunications Management/Support

LCI has considerable experience in the development of telecommunication network and system transition plans including roles, responsibilities, procedures, milestones, deliverables, funding, and budget requirements. LCI has played critical roles on installation and maintenance teams, performing site preparation, power, wiring, grounding/bounding, minor construction, extensive antenna repair/replacement, state-of-the-art lightning protection, spares provisioning, and HVAC for leased and owned telecommunications network and system equipment. Our experience also includes detailed coordination with local communication service providers, Government agencies, field customers, and various commercial vendors.

Specifically, LCI worked closely with Government personnel to decommission old, purely analog, stand-alone facilities with long haul connections to the Defense Switched Network and command and control centers; and shorter haul circuits interconnecting radio station control sites, transmit sites, and receive sites. Throughout the decommissioning of the legacy systems, LCI helped establish the necessary interconnectivity to establish a fully integrated global radio network with an Internet protocol remote control infrastructure.

Telecommunications Management@72x-100